The Adventure Begins!


Welcome to Outgear Adventure!  We hope you enjoy reading about our travel stories as much as we enjoyed creating them.

We had been RVing for many years but were always constrained by the work schedule.  Our longest trip was 5 weeks to Alaska where we loved seeing the beautiful outdoor scenery up close in areas that the tour companies usually don’t go.  We proved that there are things you just can’t see from a train, a ship or a plane but we found that we always wanted to spend more time in each area.

We love the outdoors, all things natural and learning about the unique cultures of each place and we want to be able to stay in the moment and savor them instead of rushing through.

Our grand plan?  Retire early and travel full-time!  First, we traded our RV in for a larger, newer, expandable model which was too big to fit in our RV parking space at the house so into storage it went!  Next, we downsized our 5-bedroom house in Oregon into a one-bedroom apartment while we finished up the last few months of work.  From there, we moved into the RV.  Scary? You Bet! Easy? No Way!

But we aren’t as brave as we sound, we bought a rental house in Tempe, Arizona with room for RV parking.  If we need a break from traveling or head out on an international trip, we can land there.

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