Summer Fun in SoCal

A fancy dragonfly housewarming

Setting up House  

Ian’s  marriage didn’t survive the stress of his illness and his wife sold most of his stuff before he even got out of the hospital! We helped him restock the furniture, kitchen and household items.  In June, 2017 we got him settled into a new home in Fountain Valley, CA, only a few miles from the ocean and close to many of his friends. Most important, there is room for us to stay if medical support is needed.

Bruce, Joyce and Ian on the patio at Fountain Valley House

Nature Walk at Bolsa Chica

B & J at Bolsa Chica

Ian at Bolsa Chica

While Ian was getting better and the house restocking activities were calming down, we enjoyed a few outings. One of the first was a walk in Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach. This is a beautiful walk around a coastal wetland. It’s a place that many residents typically drive past, but never stop to see.  Close-by with an easy pathway and plenty to see: views of water birds, fish, and interesting marshy grasses, it is worth a stop here!


Scale Airplane Meet

Bruce is a private pilot and his attention always goes skyward when there are any air craft around. We found a perfect outing for him at a scale-model, radio-control airplane “meet” near Lake Irvine. Many of the pilots flying that day also compete for scale authenticity for a specific original plane, including wear marks in appropriate locations and authentic engine sounds.  

When you think of model airplanes, it conjures a dinner-plate size or drone-size.  Not these planes! With noses hip-high and wingspans up to 6 feet or so, it was something I’ve never realized existed!  Our inner photographer woke up and we took lots of pictures with the real glass, not just the iPhone images here. 

Surfing Championships

The US Open of Surfing was held at Huntington Beach during the last week of July 2017.  Ian was covered up for sun protection but it was high 80’s and we were HOT walking around on the beach. The people-watching was even better than the surfing and BMX biking that we saw.

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