Mazatlan Anniversary

To celebrate 15-years of marriage and a year after Ian’s transplant journey, Bruce and I planned a family trip to Mazatlan, Mexico at the end of April 2018. As it turned out, Ian had a hospitalization in March and wasn’t allowed to travel so soon afterward. We missed him greatly! Ian’s dad was checking on him which put a temporary Band-Aid on my worries. Megan joined us in person and Ian joined us in spirit. A beautiful resort setting, the sound of the ocean, endless entertainment of the fishing pelicans, soaring frigates and scampering iguana was just what we needed.

Relaxing Resort Activities

Walking a couple of miles up the beach to a favorite restaurant called Mr. Lions at Playa Bruja (Witches Beach) was a favorite. The chefs prepare local shrimp and lobster to perfection and the view is fantastic there. Kite surfing and board surfing are the latest spectator sports to watch along the way and shell and seaglass hunting are delights for me! In the nine years since we had been to Mazatlan, new high-rise hotels have popped up, making our time-share at Torres (towers) Mazatlán  look so small and kind of homey. Most of the staff have been working at the resort for over 10 years, making it feel familiar. Even the vendors are long-time constants. Certain vendors are allowed to set up on the sea wall and they patiently wait for business from the guests. The vendors at other places can get quite aggressive and annoying. Here, the vendors only hold up their wares and speak to guests as they approach the beach access pathway at the sea wall, like a shopping mall in paradise. This mall had nice variety. There was fresh shrimp, hair braiding, parasailing, jewelry, wood carvings, sunglasses, hats, swim cover-ups and leather goods. One vendor even repaired a broken pendant for me. After a 3-year break from tennis following knee surgery and a foot injury, it was nice for me to return to tennis! It felt so good to play almost every day with the sound of the ocean in the background and the shade of the palm trees making patterns on the court.  We were even able to keep up with Megan, who plays several times per week!  I have to admit, that the bird and iguana spectators were a slight distraction for me. The live entertainment at dinner was much better than the lounge music on some European river boats that we traveled on in recent years! A fun Mariachi band played for resort events and twice daily happy hours weren’t bad either.

Tequila Tour

Our tour included visits to a couple of tiny colonial towns. A visit to see a leather shop in La Noria de San Antonio. El Quelite included a nice lunch and a walking tour for which, we became the town entertainment. A parade of gringos sweating in the heat walking through the town to see a panaderia (bakery) and a cock ranch must have been quite a sight. Needless to say, several of us did not go into the cock ranch to hear their talk.  I am amazed that the sport of cock-fighting is still practiced and judging by the size of this ranch and the ones we saw on the drive in, it is still very popular. We stood at the gate under a tree next to a cemetery where we were amused by some boys who were creating mischief for the cemetery caretaker. The Los Osuna tequila distillery was interesting but it didn’t describe the process of making tequila very well at all which I find the most interesting part. The link below would have been good to watch while at the farm. A nice Tequila tasting finished off the visit. The setting was beautiful with a grand old tree and lots of butterflies in the garden.


Tempe, Arizona served as RV staging and restocking headquarters for a week on either end of the trip to Mexico. It’s always nice to park the RV at Megan’s and hang out there for a bit.  Ian’s home in Southern California doesn’t have RV parking and the closest we can stay in the RV near Ian, for a reasonable price, is still about an hour away. So visits to Ian tend to be shorter day trips.  I’m thankful for our mobile lifestyle so we can see both kids more often!

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