Finally Made It To Abilene State Park, Texas

Last time we were scheduled for Abilene State Park Texas in October, they got flooded and our reservation was cancelled. During this 2-night stay January 28th, we didn’t have any time to explore the area. The day’s drive was tiring as it wound through the hills. Relaxing and a little exploring the park on the day we had here was all we had energy for. Nicely wooded sites would be beautiful once their leaves sprout out, in the meantime, they look a little spooky in hibernation. This park is in a big flood plain and we could see damage from recent flooding.

A bird blind in the park was stocked with food for good bird watching.  It was nice to see my first Northern Cardinals on the path before we ever got to the bird blind! I could have hung out in the blind for hours watching all the birds. Cardinals are such beautiful birds with a cheery song! They are one of my new favorite birds.

Impressive Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built swimming pool and park buildings that include a dining area and a viewing platform were cool.  Everything was quiet and locked up tight on this winter day but the echoes of  activity could be felt in the buildings. A lovely stream and small fishing lake make the park homey and probably really busy in the summer. We would come back to this park and stay longer but not in the middle of busy summer nor during the rainy flood season – Spring, yeah, Spring! Except, I’d like to see that impressive pool in all it’s magnificence being enjoyed so maybe summer would be ok.



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