Father’s Day at the Twombly’s

My sister Cindy’s family hosted a Father’s Day potluck party this year. They are really good at organizing our big family, having hosted for most of the family gatherings during the years that they cared for Dad’s parents, Elmer and Lela. I have three siblings; My brother Dan is 3 years older, sister Debbie is 4 years younger than me followed by Cindy, the youngest, a couple of years younger still. When everyone attends a family party, there are over 30 people and this time the turnout was about 20. We appreciate the amount of work the Twomblys did to get everything ready!

It turned out to be the perfect opportunity to do an art project that our sister Debbie brought to share. Each person filled a cup with several colors of paint and poured it over their own small canvas. Each painting was a unique masterpiece. Debbie’s grand kids really got into it and we had a blast with them.

We originally experienced this project at Live Laugh Love art studio which is now located near Washington Square in Tigard, Oregon. It’s a fun place to share art and a beverage with friends and I highly recommend it, but grab a coupon to save a few bucks. I’ve tried class paintings, a pour painting and a blown glass ornament project at their studios. It’s a great outing.

Of course, there were plenty of opportunities for photos. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads!


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