Gear We Use

We said Bruce was a “Gear Head” so here is what we are currently using. Outgear Adventure tested! We get no benefit to sharing these links but it’s fun to have our recommendations all in one place.


We’ve been using this app for recipe management, shopping list creation and menu planning for years. The developer is very responsive and it’s free. But we upgraded for $25 one-time cost to get the ability to add customized lists like a master shopping list, a Costco shopping list, and other features. Find a web recipe, use the button to bring it into the app, modify if desired and it is searchable, shareable, integrated with the shopping and menu planning functions. We use it all the time and share so we can each add things to the shopping list. Note: the beauty of using the app on the phone is key but Apple has removed it from the App Store and the developer is working through that maneuver, in the meantime, it’s available on Android and always on the WEB version which works well too.

RV Maintenance

Invisible Glass – The best glass cleaner we’ve found. Great for the massive windshield on the motorhome.

Wash Wax All – Waterless Washing for RV/Auto/Motorcycle.

Telesteps Ladder – General Maintenance and Cleaning Access for the Motorhome. Folds up for storage in the bay. I hate ladders hanging off of the rear roof access ladders. I’m just waiting for one of them to fall off.

RV Household

Skoy – Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloth. Perfect for all surfaces in the motorhome.

Clever Coffee Dripper – Coffee preparation had to change since my favorite coffee maker the Technivorm Moccamaster was too large and wasn’t very compatible with boondocking. The Clever Coffee Dripper works great. Just boil water and pour into the dripper and place over your favorite coffee cup.

New Designs Pan Protectors – Joyce’s favorite way to protect our pans and dishes. We love to cook and kept most of our cookware from the “sticks and bricks”. Protects and stops the rattles while driving.



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