Re-homed Giraffes and Mother’s Day at Desert Botanical Gardens

Giraffe became part of the family (at least temporarily)

Our cute wood and leather giraffe statues that we received from cousins in Florida have added a personal touch to our RV home decor for the last couple of months. At over 3 ft tall, they are too big and must be stowed on the bed during travel days so we decided to re-home them with Megan when we passed through Tempe, Arizona. Not only does she love giraffes but she has matching statues from what looks like the same area of Africa. They look nice at her place next to a huge canvas safari photo that we took a few years ago near where the giraffe statues were made.


Vol one of my RV Trip Journal is full

A much-needed longer stay of 8-nights in Tempe gave us time to take care of a few things. Filled with notes of our exciting adventures, Volume One of our RV Trip Journal was retired and Volume Two was initiated. The RV windshield was replaced after the rough trip on I-10 through Louisiana on the way down to Florida. It had sustained a couple of large cracks and 8-9 rock chips on that stretch of highway! I captured my first time-lapse video of the windshield replacement but the guy didn’t want it to be posted so it remains a learning experience for my eyes alone. Some minor repairs on the house were completed. More editing of contents of our RV closet and storage were completed.

Planning for an upcoming trip to Namibia, Africa meant reviewing our travel bags and gear in storage at the house in Tempe. While I thought we had done so well during our initial down-sizing, it’s clear that we need to do more. The boxes seem to multiply whenever we leave, or does my perspective change? Stored items are primarily kitchen items, art supplies, artwork, tools, suitcases and a few decor/furniture items. The photos are 90% scanned now so they are on the way out, only photos on slides and some ‘scanable’ memorabilia remain. The clothing that we keep adjusting between the RV and the storage closet seems to be the most in need of a good purge. More projects for our next visit to Megan’s.

Mother’s Day

It was nice to be in town over Mother’s Day weekend with Megan but we missed Ian and our own Moms. Maybe I could harness some of that alien energy from Roswell to be in multiple places at the same time! We got some good visiting and Netflix binge watching with Megan but she is mostly busy with work and Tennis. I still can’t figure out how she can play outdoors in the Arizona Heat, usually 90 degrees during off hours!

Since we were departing on Mother’s Day, a Saturday celebration made lunch at OHSO (oh – so) and a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix a little less crowded. My kind of day with family, great food, blooming cactus, wildlife and butterflies! We all took lots of photos, got reacquainted with the Arizona heat and continued Northward on Sunday.



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